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    Traditionally, the native peoples learned to manage the resources of nature, including medicinal and entheogenic plants.

    The Amazon jungle provides 70% of the active principles of modern medicine. That is why science conducts research to obtain new drugs and other compounds that can strengthen the immune system, treat neurological disorders and other conditions.

    Currently, indigenous peoples base their health on the use of plants and their healing powers, which are even capable of curing diseases considered chronic by Western medicine.

    The Amazon species and their healing properties can become hope for society to reconnect with nature in a symbiotic way, to contribute to our personal and collective evolution.

    In order to increase the use of beneficial species among the population, it is necessary that more people learn about the beneficial properties and the potential that currently only indigenous populations know, this through sharing positive experiences, debates and education in online and offline environments. , regarding the promotion of health and safety in the use of Amazonian species.

    To help spread the benefits of Amazonian species, Amazon Jungle Retreat has reviewed and made available to you the following informational materials on the various medicinal and ceremonial species of the jungle. These materials are free for you to share.

    Among the materials you will find information on Ayahuasca, used ancestrally by shamans and healers of various Amazonian peoples as an entheogen.

    In the world, entheogens have traditionally been used to complement various practices aimed at achieving transcendence, such as divination, meditation, yoga, sensory deprivation, asceticism, prayer, trance, rituals, healing songs (like the Amazon icaros), the drums and the ecstatic dance.

    They have always been used to increase our vision of reality and have contributed to spiritual and collective growth. Above all, they were always considered medicines. When administered responsibly, by an expert native and in a controlled environment, they do not pose any harm, but offer physical and mental healing.

    Some master plants of the Amazon rainforest:

    • Ajo Sacha (Mansoa alliacea)
    • Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi)
    • Bobinzana (Calliandra angustifolia)
    • Camalonga (Strychnus sp.)
    • Chiric Sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora)
    • Chuchuwasi (Maytenus macrocarpa)
    • Coca (Erythroxylum coca)
    • Uchu Sanango (Tabernaemontana sananho)
    • Ushpawasha Sanango (Tabernaemontana undulata)
    • Toé (Brugmansia suaveolens)