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Amazon Jungle Retreat

Personal Development in Harmony with Nature


Amazon Jungle Retreat Amazon Jungle Retreat is a dedicated center committed to the pursuit of personal development, aligned with the indigenous traditions of the Amazon people. We harness the power of ancient medicine and ancestral knowledge to facilitate healing and spiritual cleansing.

Throughout history, humanity has sought spiritual well-being as a means to attain self-knowledge and emotional stability. Cultures worldwide have crafted rituals and ceremonies intricately connected to nature and spiritual entities, aiming to cultivate inner peace.

In recognizing our existential responsibility, it becomes imperative not to sever our connection with Mother Nature. Instead, we strive to embrace our symbiotic relationship with her and learn to utilize her resources harmoniously, paving the way towards a more enlightened and promising future.

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In today’s society, ancestral wisdom has been forgotten, giving rise to a series of limiting beliefs that create concerns and hinder the realization of one’s full potential in life.

For thousands of years, indigenous Amazonians have cultivated profound knowledge of the jungle, developing techniques, ceremonies, and rituals to connect with nature. These practices help overcome moments of crisis, fear, and blockages, as well as address feelings of guilt. Moreover, they serve to cultivate courage, enhance skills, and, most importantly, achieve inner balance for personal improvement.

Amazon Jungle Retreat rescues this ancient knowledge from the hands of the best indigenous exponents to transmit this wisdom and connect with the harmony of life.

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Amazon Jungle Retreat se esfuerza por revitalizar la medicina indígena tradicional a través del uso y la transmisión responsable del conocimiento mediante trabajo de campo. Creamos un espacio para la investigación y el pensamiento crítico sobre la importancia de las prácticas curativas desarrolladas por estas comunidades, que incluyen el uso de enteógenos, plantas maestras y medicinales, así como remedios naturales para favorecer el desarrollo personal y espiritual.

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Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) is the master plant par excellence in the Amazon and perhaps the most powerful. Its use by the native peoples of the

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Nature accompanies us throughout the entirety of our journey on this existential plane.

The essence of our existence lies in acquiring knowledge to foster our ongoing spiritual evolution.

Join our retreats led by indigenous teachers deeply connected to their roots, far removed from conventional tourism. These teachers engage in medicinal practices and healing rituals, following age-old traditions.

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