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Amazon Jungle Retreat Faq

Antidepressant medication, can be problematic. Make sure to inform us in advance of what medication you are taking and we will consult with our doctor.

Yes, please inform us in advance of your dietary restrictions in order to assist you.

Yes, we do. If you intend to go on a plant diet, we recommend you contact us first. Whether we assess a plant diet for you. For some people it is best to do a plant diet before embarking on more intensive work.

Please, bring fresh clothes appropriate for a hot and wet environment as the Amazon Rainforest. Also, you could consider bring the following:

• Mosquito repellent.
• Sunscreen.
• Calamine lotion, can be very helpful for insect bites and sunburn.
• Natural soap and shampoo.
• Long-sleeved tops and a couple of pairs of long trousers
• A red-light flashlight (torch), for ceremonies
• A headlamp, for reading
• Spare batteries
• Travel adaptor for electronic equipment
• Shoes or sandals