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About us


It was born from the experience of its founders, with more than 20 years dedicated to carrying out expeditions in remote areas of the Peruvian Amazon in order to find authentic indigenous people with their legitimate culture. We have visited most of the indigenous peoples of the jungle: Shuar, Shawis, Matsés, Shiwilu, Shipibo, Conibos, Achuar, Candoshi, Urarinas, Bora, Yagua, Huitotos, Ashaninkas, Ticunas, Aguarunas, Huambisas, among others.

These towns have unique ceremonies where they use master plants to connect with nature, heal, improve skills and get in touch with the spirits of the jungle.

On our trips we have met different peoples and traditions. Our experience has led us to select the best indigenous exponents to develop their ancestral ceremonies and rituals.

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explore your spirit

Develop mind and spirit

Connect with yourself

Get results that last a lifetime

Our healers & medical staff

More than 20 years of experience of its founders have allowed Amazon Jungle Retreat to select healers from non-tourist indigenous peoples, skilled in traditional Amazon medicine.

We have a medical staff with experience in tropical and emergency medicine. Our medical staff will review the file of each participant at the time of booking, in order to give you indications for the Retreat.

It is important that before making a reservation, carefully read the information on SECURITY PROTOCOLS 

Everything is to maximize your safety and the other participants.

Chaman Pedro Torres


Pedro Torres Pacaya, was born in 1967, in the town of Chazuta, department of San Martín, Peru.

Master Pedro is a native healer who began at an early age and today has more than 40 years of experience in shamanism with ayahuasca and healing diets with master plants.

He is the main teacher of Amazon Jungle Retreat and spiritual guide with students and initiates in Peru, the US, Europe and other parts of the world.

For the cures, Master Pedro will evaluate all the patients to guide the treatment to follow, according to the needs of each one, with which he will determine the diet and/or the use of master plants.

Luis Reategui

DR. LUIS REÁTEGUI (military medicine)

As a trained military doctor, Luis manages the Search and Rescue Brigade (SAR) in the Amazon. He has extensive experience and has participated in several rescues in hostile areas of the jungle.

He is an instructor in survival in the jungle, a medical leader of the Search and Rescue Brigade, and speaker on patient care in emergencies and disasters. During his career he has been Head of the Emergency Service and Head of the Epidemiology Office of the Air Force Hospital of Peru.

He has certification in survival in the jungle, in survival medicine, and in search and rescue.