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8 day retreat

Our team will receive the participant at their hotel in Iquitos or at the Airport, from where we will transport them to the Retreat Center.

At the Retreat Center, after the participant settles in, our team will welcome them and make an introduction about the facilities and the retreat, as well as answer questions about Ayahuasca and the master plants.

Throughout the retreat, there will be spaces for personal consultations with the Master Shaman or the team, so that the participant can share his experiences and better understand the work.

Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided. The nights that ceremonies are held there will be no dinner.

A medicinal plant bath is performed in preparation for the Ayahuasca ceremony. The morning after taking Ayahuasca, the Master Shaman will help interpret the experience and guide each participant.

During the retreat, excursions will be made in the surrounding jungle, to recognize some useful plants.

Optionally and if the Master Shaman considers it, the participant may perform Kambó or Toad Medicine, a treatment that uses the tree frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor), Nënë (tobacco inhalation), Isula (ant bite) and Baths with Medicinal Plants .

On the last day, after lunch, the participant will be transferred to their hotel or the airport, arriving at approximately 4 PM.